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Hebei Peng Xi Yuan import and Export Trading Co., Ltd
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Hebei Peng Xi Yuan import and Export Trading Co., Ltd is  a professional chemicals corporation which has partners all round Shandong, Tianjin, Henan Provinces. We are a widely recognized exporter of Zinc oxide,Titanium dioxide, STPP, Caustic soda, Soda ash, Oxalic acid, Glacial acetic acid, Formic acid etc. Our high quality products and service have lead us won  a set of clients all over the world such as Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle east countries.


Our achievement

We are on a never-ending quest for quality. We aim at providing high quality products to our valued clients. With the cooperation of our partners and their technical team, we have obtained some  customers and show our advantage in terms of quality as well as service.

tert-butyl carbamate
Ethyl ketone base
Heparin sodium
Tsdizolid phosphate
oseltamivir phosphate
Febuxostat Tablets
Sitagliptin phosphate
Hydrazine hydrate
Triflic acid
Triflic anhydride
trfluoroacetic acid
Potassium triflate