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oseltamivir phosphate
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Bulk drug
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NameOseltamivir phosphate
CAS No.204255-11-8
Storage temp.-20°C Freezer
Purity99% min
UsageOseltamivir phosphate is a competitive neuraminidase inhibitor. The prodrug oseltamivir phosphate is itself not virally effective; however, once in the liver, it is converted by natural chemical processes
AppearanceWhite Cyrstalline Solid



Oseltamivir phosphate is a kind of anti-influenza drugs, under the trade name Tamiflu. Its appearance exhibits as white to yellowish-white powder. It can be divided into type A (alpha) and B (Beta) selective inhibitor of the influenza virus neuraminidase and can prevent the release of virus from infected cells, through inhibiting the activity of the influenza virus neuraminidase, thus achieving the purpose of control of influenza symptoms. Clinically it can be used for treatment of the type A influenza and type B influenza in adults and children of 1 year old or over 1 year old as well as the clinical prevention of influenza A and B in adult and adolescent of 13 year old or over 13 years old.
Oseltamivir phosphate can subject to rapid metabolism into oselatamivr carboxylate after gastrointestinal absorption with 75% of the total oral administrated dose participating in the systemic circulation in the from of oselatamivr carboxylate.